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Meet Ozzy, a very cute ginger kitty with a great story:
From Ozzy's site:

Meet Oz

Oz arrived in our home on Saturday morning, 20 January 2007. Earlier in the week I stopped by a local pet store to pick up some new food for our guys when I saw this orange tabby in a cage showing off to anybody and everybody who walked by. Admittedly, I was recently opposed to bringing a new cat into our home. However, Sasha was proving more and more that she was needing a playmate, and Rascal was becoming less and less interested in filling that role for her. It took about 30 seconds of playing with this guy in his cage to believe that he would be a perfect fit for the house; he was playful, very loving, and orange, fitting in with everyone else.   Sasha, above left, has yet to welcome Oz with open paws, but it is obvious to us that she is very interested in him and it should only be a matter of time before she starts to roughhouse with her new brother. Rascal, above right, is content as long as the food is okay (that is dried yogurt on his nose; he is always very happy after yoggie morning).
According to the non-profit rescue group who we adopted Oz from, it was a foster home who saved the guy from being euthanized. At around eight months old, we aren't sure how long he has spent in foster homes, cages, pounds, or wherever. Although we have been keeping Oz in a spare bedroom, we have let him have the run of the house for a few hours at a time as it may be the first time in weeks or even months where he has had the opportunity to race and play. Running appears to be something he enjoys very much; he has charged tumbled, slipped, slid, and charged again over 100 times in the past 24 hours. And, he is still going strong.

More than anything, Oz loves to plop, nuzzle, nudge, and rub into us for patties, purring all the time. He seems thrilled with his new family and is already becoming very comfortable in our home. And, we're happy to have him.
Hooray for Ozzy! You can follow Ozzy's updates on Twitter.

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