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Meet Kenny! A two-year old cat with an interesting life
Kenny - 1 month old
About Kenny:
Hi everyone! My name is Kenny.
I was found by Idaira, my mother, right after I was born and since then I have been living in a nice house with her.
We have a good relationship and since I dont have many friends here she is my best friend. Also we celebrate the birthday together because we were born the same day.
I dont like my neighbours, in particular one black cat that always try to steal my food. I used to have a good friend when I arrived here. He was an old and friendly dog. Appart from people say that cat and dogs cannot have a good relationship, we got on well with each other and used to play a lot. Unfortunately he died and since then my mom is my only friend, although i hope to meet new friends here.
I like to be inside with my mom but I always go out everyday because I like the street, I am a little wild and I also like the freedom and to be with myself.
Last year ( 2008 ) I had the worst experience of my life because I was catnap by strangers, I disappeared for around 5 months and I know my mom had a really bad time but she never lost the hope to see me again.
I escaped very soon but the reason why I was away so long it was because it took me a long time to walk back home but thanks to my sixth sense i could find my house and arrive safe.
I still remember my mom´s face, she was really happy to see me again and wondering where I had been, I wish i could say to her why I was away so long...
ok, that´s all. If you want to know more about me just ask and don´t be shy!

That's a life full of adventure: being a friend of a dog, being lost...
You can visit Kenny at his personal page on unitedcats
Today's pictures by: Idaira 

1 ginger lovers said....:

Findlay Furs said...

I found my twin!
catnip purrs, Luke

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